INSURANCE_New_LogoAnglo East Surety Ltd., a subsidiary of Anglo East, has been a professional authorized insurance Cover Holder for the well-established Lloyd’s in Hong Kong for over 30 years.  Lloyd’s is a leading specialist insurance global market comprised of 180 syndicates with a deep-rooted history and pre-eminent financial ratings.



Ø  We Protect Your Assets, Employees and Customers.

Ø  We Protect Your Money, Honey and Health.


AEG has been a pioneering thought leader providing excellent protection solutions to our valued corporate and individual clients on a global basis for catering to their insurance needs with the best reputation and customer satisfaction.




AEG has been playing a DUAL role representing for both our underwriter  Lloyd’s, and our clients.  Primarily we are on behalf of  



Anglo East, is an authorized coverholder at Lloyd’s, Anglo East has been honored to enter the insurance contracts on its behalf to serve local and worldwide companies by making use of our local knowledge and profession expertise.  We are proud to be an industry specialist which is locally operated and fully supported by our local office but serving to firms on a global basis.



  Our Clients

In the event of a policy claim arises, AEG will be representing on behalf of our client to settle the claim professionally and promptly.  In order to maintain our highest standards, we have always been emphasizing excellent customer service and promised to offer the best solutions to our valued customers.




AEG not only dedicated to provide insurance covers to our invaluable customers, we have promised to perform AUDITS & SURVEYS for our customers to ensure their policies are in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions.

In addition, we would also update and review our customers’ profiles for continual and recurrent policy evaluation and assessment.




We have comprehensive, adaptable and constant monitoring of local and international Crime Trends & Activities.  We believe that PREVENTION is utmost important!

(1). CRIME NEWS one of our value-added services and useful news information which we have provided periodically to keep our customers on the alert and abreast of updated current crime cases and trends.

Aim – We are striving at PREVENTION OF LOSS and PROTECTIONS have been offered to our customers via useful tips & news updates.

(2). ACCIDENT NEWS accident news report is another fundamental service which we have committed to offer to our customers as a vital preventive measure.

Aim – We are striving at PREVENTION OF LIFE LOSS and PROTECTIONS have been offered to our customers via educational tips & advice.




All these years, AEG has been dedicated to provide a wide range of insurance solutions and services dealing with Jewelers Block and Specie Risks with a wide-range of covers in Jewellery & Diamonds, Watches, Fine Art & Antiques, Luxury Accessories, Auction Houses, Wine & Cigar, Money Exchange and Pawn Shops.


Type of Solution

Jewelry Trade


Jewelers Block

It covers the general risk against any Physical loss or damage to the stock merchandise used in the conduct of business on whatsoever cause and cover on extra perils for trade and office furniture.


It protects against all Risks of Physical loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever on voyages / tour.


It protects against all Risks of Physical loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever at the Booths of Exhibition.


ATA Carnets is “The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce” issued certificate which are merchandise Passports. They are international customs documents that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of goods.

They facilitate international business by avoiding extensive customs procedures, eliminating payment of duties and value-added taxes, and replacing the purchase of temporary import bonds.


It protects against all Risks of Physical loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever during shipment of jewellery and valuables.

Employee Fidelity

This type of insurance protects the Assured from loss of money, or inventory resulting from crime. Common Fidelity/Crime insurance claims allege employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, safe burglary, computer fraud, wire transfer fraud, counterfeiting, and other criminal acts.

Unlawful Pawn Broking

This policy is used to indemnify the Assured for any Physical loss or damage as a result of any order or orders of the court made under Section 23 of the Pawnbrokers Ordinance of unlawful pawning of goods.

Diamond Processing

It protects against Physical loss or damage to the Insured diamond(s) which is /are declared to the Policy, arising from any breakage including fracture or inclusion occurring while being physically worked upon by the Assureds’ employees and/or third party agreed by the insurers undertaking the processes as marked on the surveyor’s report or as a result thereof including boiling.

Fine Art Auctioneer

It protects against physical loss or damage to the Insured antiques, jewelry and objects of art of every nature and description used in the conduct of the Assured’s business, being the property of the Assured, or held by them in trust, or memorandum or on consignment, or sold but not delivered, or joint account with others, or belonging to others and for which the Assured may be liable, or for which the Assured is legally liable.

Purchase Indemnity

Under this scheme, the Insurer undertakes to indemnify the Insured (the company) on behalf of the Policy-holders (customers), in the form of repair or replacement, in respect of loss or damage to the property arising from Robbery/ Theft/ Abduction/ Burglary, subject to various conditions.

Wrong Title

This policy is used to indemnify against Financial loss from defects in title to a property.  It will defend against a lawsuit attacking the title, or reimburse the Insured for the actual monetary loss incurred, up to the dollar amount of insurance provided by the policy.

General Insurance


Commercial Block

It protects against Physical loss or damage to the Stock on whatsoever caused and covers on extra perils for trade and office furniture for business together with 1) Swallow’s Nest & Ginseng, 2) Preserved Seafood & Medicine, and 3) Household Sundry Goods.


It provides cover against accidental loss of or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, or explosion of boilers or gas used for domestic purposes only, or any extra perils

Public Liability

It covers the Insured Person against any sum which is legally liable to pay for body injury caused to the third party as well as damage to third party property.  Moreover, it covers the Insured Person against all costs and expenses of litigation for defending claims.

Director and Officer Liability

It provides financial protection to individuals for liability imposed on them whilst acting in their capacity as a director or officer in a company.

Employee Compensation

Employee’s compensation coverage is a mandatory insurance coverage that covers lost wages and medical treatment resulting from an employee’s work-related injury or illness.

Professional Indemnity

It provides comprehensive protection for professionals against any loss or financial expenses resulting from any breach of professional duty in the performance of professional services.

Total Sum InsuredStock + Furniture Fixture Fitting
Liability Limits on StockInside: Premises / SDV
Outside: Transit / Home / Memo


  • Over 30 Years of Expertise in Insurance industry
  • Experienced in Jewelers’ Block and Specie Risks Insurances
  • Extensive Wide Range of Insurance Products
  • Customized Insurance Protection Plans for Specific Needs
  • Solid Incomparable Financial Strength of Lloyd’s with its high preeminent Financial Ratings of A+ (Strong), A (Excellent), and AA- (Very Strong) guaranteed by Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best, and Fitch Ratings respectively
  • Prompt and Efficient Claim Settlements
  • Competitive Premium Rates and Comprehensive Terms