ammon Security & Technology Limited has been specialized to provide a wide range of professional and high standard security equipment & monitoring service solutions to our valued customers for accomplishing our goal for protection for over 30 years. 

We have always valued our people – they are all up-to-date on the latest business security trends & skills and technical training have been provided to our professional teams with our unceasing desire for exceptional innovation and the vast employment of the advanced cutting edge technology Gammon Security aims at providing you Peace of Mind with our comprehensive Total Security Solutions for both your residential homes, jewelry traders, educational institutions and other commercial uses in different industries.


Being a professional leader in the security industry, we understand that Loss Prevention is always a great concern for your business. 

As a service promise, Gammon Security has always been introducing novelty with continuous improvement, we have been dedicated to advance our security systems with our diversified selection of security products & services include the following:



(1)  Intrusion Alarm System

Gammon Security offers an advanced intrusion alarm system with centralized monitoring services to protect your property, employees, and customers.  We take the time to get to know your business, and identify your security risks.  Our service mission is to design a customized well-equipped security system that best fits your unique needs and provides you with superior protection against burglary, shop robbery, theft and loss.

We have recently upgraded our alarm panel and system to a more advanced level with much higher security protection for our customers.


I.      Control Room with 24-Hours Monitoring Services

At Gammon Security, we have been handling all aspects of your security system with an efficient 24-hour monitoring service to ensure that our customers’ residential homes and commercial premises have been secured by strict monitoring control 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Currently, when your alarm system is disarming, once our control room center has received this “disarming signal”, the operators will then call the customer premise to obtain the verbal password for verification. 




II.     Special Features of Our Alarm System

1.           Alarm System NEW User ID Verification During System Disarming

  Digital Verification


In order to improve our overall procedural efficiency and system enhancement, we have been introducing a NEW method for our Alarm System User ID Verification this year.  How that works is when your alarm system is disarmed, our control room computerized system will dial to the premise home number (or user’s mobile) to request the user to key-in the user’s numeric password.

a)   If it is correct, the verification process would be completed. 

b)   If it is incorrect for 3 times, our control room operator will call the premise to verify the user identity for security reasons.

  SMS Notification

During system disarming, SMS notification can be sent to the assigned recipient.  The advantages of using this method is its high reliability, speed of verification and having control to monitor the performance of your employees with our alert notifications.

1.           Alarm System Disarm & Arm Schedules

We have provided options for our customers to choose whether they require to receive the early to open/late close notifications of their disarming and arming alarm schedules.

2.           Advanced Centralized Signaling System with Multiple Communication Path Backups

Being your leading-edge security partner, Gammon Security is making use of the full advantages of Cellular, Network, and other communication links to provide more flexible and reliable security solutions for our business customers.

Ø   Network Communications – Panel can communicate over an existing LAN (and the internet) to our central monitoring station.  This provides much higher communication speeds than dial-up.  This also let you remotely access your system and receive alerts/alarms via email.

Ø   Dial-Up Phone Lines – it was once the only way to connect to the monitoring control room, but nowadays Dial-up is probably the least secured communication method since it could be affected by the weather condition or cut by intruders.

Ø   Cellular – this has now become the most reliable and capable connection since your cellular connection cannot be accidentally or intentionally cut.  Moreover, the cellular network has made an incredible array of mobile security features possible.

Advantages of Centralized Alarm System with Multiple Communication Links

1). Signal transmissions are much faster and more information. 

2). Use of signaling method with multiple communication paths via TCP/IP / GPRS/GSM / PSTN??? (need to include this?) 

3). Gammon Security has guaranteed to meet UL Certification for Standard Line Security formerly known as UL High Line Security (Grade AA).


1.           Event Notifications

l   MyAccess text messaging – send and receive texts from your panel.  Arm/disarm, check status – all using simple text message commands.

l   Control your system with an iOS or Android app.


2.           Virtual KeyPad Mobile App

Gammon Security has been constantly upgrading and improving our security system.  As the wireless connection is becoming more common, it also makes it possible to add a variety of remote control features.  Our advanced Virtual Keypad App which has been built upon the system from Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) in United States has given the flexibility to our customers for controlling their security system virtually anywhere with ease no matter where you are.

With this app handy, you can connect to your home or business system and view status, arm or disarm or control lights, locks or thermostats with the simple touch of a button.


Outstanding Features of this Virtual Keypad App include:

    System Disarming & Arming

    All/Perimeter, Home/Sleep/away or Multi-Area

    System Status

    Panel Output Control and Status

    Control of temperature with Z-Wave Thermostats

    Control of light with Z-Wave Light Modules

    Control of Locks with Z-Wave Locks


3.           Alarm System Touchscreen Keypad


(2)CCTV & DVR System

For a well-equipped, fully operated security system, installation of a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and automated Digital Video Recording (DVR) System is necessary to maintain the high standard of security within an institution or premise site.

Over all these years, Gammon Security have been constantly employing the most up-to-date technology and security equipment for fabricating and devising the best customized security plan & framework suiting your needs and wants.

I.       Security Cameras

HD-CVI Cameras



II.       Digital Video Recorders



(3)  Access Control

A Managed Access system will provide you with complete control over your commercial premise, while saving your need for support personnel and time for complicated procedures for which will be done by our security professionals for you.

Our Centralized Control Room is fully staffed 24 hours a day to remotely handle your access control needs to immediately lock and unlock doors, set schedules to automatically lock and unlock doors all 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Access Control Benefits Make You Hassel-Free:

  • 24/7 access management, support and maintenance
  • Add, delete or modify employee access levels around the clock
  • SAVES your budget for on-site personnel, such as data entry clerk and IT support
  • SAVES your trouble for hardware maintenance
  • SAVES your software/technical support which will be provided by our professional teams
  • SAVES your cost for extra man-power for all necessary management

Access Control More Value-added Benefits (does this apply??):

  • EXTRA BENEFITS of off-site storage and backup of critical data
  • Better control of access cards

Access Control Applications

With our well-equipped security and control room system, you can keep control of and decide any area that requires limited access, such as:

  • Main entrance
  • Storage rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Area around Safes
  • Vaults
  • Display cases
  • Cabinets



(4)   Safes & Vault

Gammon Security has been providing a great selection of high-quality Safes with different sizes available for our customers to choose from.  They are designed and audited by the reowned and professional German engineers with over 40 years experiences.  

Our best selling product, BEST GUARD Series, are all masterpieces which have been quaranteed by great quality workmanship and can withstand the most advanced modern break-in methods.  All our safe products have been manufactured according to the standards from the internationally recognized certification bodies, including VdS and ECB-S.  For more information, please click here to see our Safes page.


(5)   Various Types of Locks

Gammon Security has been providing a diverse selection of high-security locks compatible with our Best Guard Safe Series and also complied with the international recognized European standard of EN 1300 to protect your valuables.  In addition, we are providing VAROS key locks, mechanical and electronic KABA Axessor locks (SL 525, SL528)

A wide-range of locking combinations and optional thermal and impact sensors further enhance protection.  For more information, please click here to see our Locks page.


(6)   Ultra Barrier

Another security solution offering your protected premise extra strength and durability Ultra-Barrier keeping out the danger from trespassers or intruders.

What is an Ultra-Barrier?

Ø   A very simple tool used to be mounted on barbed wire or fabric fence with hog rings offering protection of your premise or institution.

Ø   It is a fast one-person installation, unlimited application and mounting capabilities.

Ø   Material: made of stainless steel material and super hard mirror finish.

Ø   Thickness: 0.8 millimeter (0.031 inches).

Ø   It can be installed in the following ways:

-On Concrete or Brick Walls

-On Fence Fabric

-On Square or Round Tube

-On Wood Fences