LOGISTIC_New_LogoExpress Arrival Service Limited, a subsidiary of Anglo East, has been specialized in providing comprehensive corporate security and asset protection solutions to ensure your valuables are delivered securely, swiftly and on time from one location to another in a professional way.  With our extensive global network, we have been striving to ensure a smooth and expedient delivery service tailor-made to suit your logistics needs.

Our transit professionals have been trained to the highest standards with the support of state-of-the-art technology including our own armored transport vehicles protecting mainly the jewelers, jeweler exhibitors, and other corporate clients in the jewelry trade business and other industries.

LOGISTIC_2Our Professional

Express Arrival provides both Local Courier and International Courier services at highly competitive rates.

Our logistics teams have been committed to protecting your business & assets and offering you the highest levels of professionalism, safety and efficiency.

1. Local courier service

In order to minimize your business risk with optimal cost effectiveness, outsourcing your logistics needs to us would be a smart choice for you!

Advantages of our Local Courier Services include:

v  Same day door-to-door service to all local major districts

v  Experienced in the jewelry trade business sectors

v  Flexible customized solutions to C needs

v  Secured delivery solutions with extensive insurance covers available

v  Global international network including Mainland China for our courier services

2. INTERNATIONAL courier service

Our Logistics expertise not only restricted to local Hong Kong delivery service, we are also experienced in international secured courier services including to and from the Mainland China area.

ü  We have frequent shipment delivery services to and from Hong Kong to Panyu in China.


ü  We have been offering all kinds of secured delivery services including door pickup and self delivery services.


ü  As a “One-Stop” security solution provider, our group company – Anglo East Surety Ltd. will be offering you full coverage of different insurance needs.


3. Logistics solution for shows & exhibitions

With our well-established experiences in the jewelry trade business, we have also been providing professional logistics solutions to transport valuables, goods and merchandise to all kinds of public and private shows in different industries.

Express Arrival is specicialized in providing private sectors or any commercial businesses in all logistics needs for all jewelry trade businesses together with our tailor-made insurance coverages for you  — saving you all troubles for finding different providers for your different special needs!


Features of Our Logistics Solutions:




1.  Storage facilities


Express Arrival has been dedicated to provide you value-added services in addition to our service promise.  With our own secured premises, we can provide you with temporary storage facilities for your good or valuables for your logistics requirement.



2.  highly secured armoured vehicles


Our wholly-owned fleet of armored vehicles are one of the most sophisticated in the world which have been equipped with man-trap doors, built-in vault and mobile radio communication systems.  Additionally, they have been built with extra strong bullet-proof materials for the highest security protection purposes.



3.  highly trained security guards


In order to deliver the best delivery service, Express Arrival has owned a team of security guards for performing any security service during the transit process of your valuables, merchandise and assets. 


They have been equipped with the most advanced security tools and equipment, for example, fire-arms and security carrying cases during their task execution to ensure maximum security would be met.



4.  Other security measures

In addition, we will be employing other security measures and tactics in order to achieve best performances during the secured logistics delivery processes.


Having in this business for so many years, we not only have had more expertise in this industry, our international worldwide network catering for your logistic needs have also been ever increasing. It now covers practically everywhere around the world:

Ø  Hong Kong

Ø  China (all major cities)

Ø  Japan

Ø  Bangkok, Thailand

Ø  India

Ø  Dubai, U.A.E.

Ø  London, Britain

Ø  Italy

Ø  France

Ø  Germany

Ø  Belgium

Ø  Geneva, Switzerland

Ø  U.S.A.

Ø  Telaviv, Israel

With our excellent relationships with various leading carriers and international couriers, we have been aiming to establish service centres in ever major city around the world to serve you better.



Our Support

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With our aim at enhancing security, Express Arrival has been utilizing our global resources in logistics adapting to different cultures and suiting to your project management needs so as to deliver these integrated solutions to you — which has made an obvious difference!