1) VAROS Lock 70040

Solution for your Key problems


  • Handling procedures with ease.
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Innovative “Mini bit” Double-bitted technology
  • Compatible with mechanical and electronic locks
  • This user “changeable” key lock with dead bolt can be changed to a new key set from the front side without additional tools.
  • If a key is lost, replacement keys can be ordered without restricting the use of lock.
  • Its outstanding feature has increased its level of security in case of key loss and it can be made only known to the end user.
  • It can be applied to safes up to EN Grade V level.


  • Changeable Key
  • 9 levers, Electrolytic galvanise steel
  • Key retained when in open position
  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Bolt with 2 M4 threads, throw 8.7mm
  • Compatible to mechanical and electronic spindle locks
  • Weight approx.. 550g



“All-in-one” Advanced Digital Lock with Audit Trail

It is a high security electronic lock with the following distinctive features:


  • Patented motor lock with automatic locking
  • Bolt and motor sensors monitored
  • Bolt Opening time can be chosen with your own choice
  • Low battery detection.
  • Extensive memory space for housing up to 4,800 events
  • Individual or group code denial option available
  • Selectable manager access to users of all groups
  • High-contrast LCD display for the input unit
  • 9 different languages available
  • Built-in USB Interface


  • Time lock functions: weekly locking program, holiday periods, yearly repeating periods.
  • Dual mode: Two codes needed to open the lock
  • Duress code: To send a call to alarm system
  • 4 hierarchy levels: Master, Manager, User and Courier.
  • 36 user codes
  • Alarm output connection: 2 outputs (e.g. bolt position, duress alarm)
  • Adaptable bolt function: Dead bolt/Spring bolt
  • Bolt with 2 threads M4


  1. Delete
  2. Numbers
  3. Left & Right Key
  4. Information/back
  5. Enter
  6. Mode

Before the introduction of electronic combination locks like KABA locks, most people had been using mechanical locks to add security for their valuables.

The table below has highlighted the basic differences about the features and functions of both the electronic locks and mechanical locks —

Comparison between Electronic and Mechanical Locks